Kim Allsopp

Future You Creative

Creator of everything digital about GOTB

I don’t know why you’re so invested, but I will be grateful forever! Thank you.

Dave Elliott

Prestige Web Designs

Hosted this site and ironed out my errors! 

Thanks for not holding my high penalty count against me. I really appreciate your time and input 🙂

Jaja Pat

My Nan!

Backed me from the get go- specifically was my very first sponsor

Thanks Nan, will save you a spot 😉

Holly Seear

Performance Cycling Coach

Holly turned up in my Instagram messages offering some support, rolled up to meet me at a coffee shop and proceeded to educate me on everything from chamois cream to training load and a million things in between. 

Truly the fairy god mother of Get On The Back. Thank you so much, Holly! 

Equipment Donors

Sue Maving

Popping up all over the place with game changing accessories from bike stands to panniers ( which went on as soon as I got them, in the dark).

Thank you! 

Maria Davis-Richards

Responded to a hopeful facebook post and sent over a pair of much needed cleats. 

Thank you!

Cathy O'Neill

Responded to the same post, from just around the corner and provided multiple items of clothes and cleats that have already done many miles. 

Thank you 🙂

Sarah Lipscombe

So much lycra
So many energy gels

Thank you very much