Of note – fundraising platforms typically do not allow you to split between charities. To keep it all as simple as possible, my friends at Mityana Charity are collecting the money raised and will distribute to Phyllis Tuckwell and The World Land Trust. So, even though it looks like you’re donating to one charity you are donating to all three 🙂  

Please Donate using Wonderful

Please click HERE to donate. 

It all looks a bit different but it’s set up this way with the ‘Wonderful’ platform because it means all of the money donated goes to charity, not on card payment fees. This will not work with payments from outside of the UK. Please use PayPal link below for that…

Thanks very much!

Mates from the states and Other international Supporters

Please Donate Using Paypal

 You can also donate via Paypal if you click on the button… but please bear in mind some of what you donate this way is taken by Paypal in fees.